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Chris Belsey

Music Composer

Chris Belsey is a music composer for media and has composed and produced the scores for a number of films, documentaries, trailers and promotions.

His vast musical style can adapt to any genre, including: drama, comedy, horror and factual; and has a varied sound palette ranging from symphonic orchestrations to contemporary soundscape textures.

Christopher Belsey’s original music gives The Turtle Terminator a quirky zest.

Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Latest Projects from Chris Belsey

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  • The Turtle Terminator - Cover

The Turtle Terminator

Genre Short Drama About Bitten by a turtle in his childhood, a man remembers the effect that the scar has had on his love life. Written and Directed by C. J. Lazaretti [...]

  • We Are North Ayrshire - Cover

We Are North Ayrshire

Genre Documentary About A community project whereby local school children of all ages describe what they like about living in North Ayrshire. Directed by Taylor McInroy Produced by Ayrshire Film Co. for North [...]

The Last Equinox

Genre Fantasy About A dark fantasy, loosely inspired by Scottish folk legends and mythology, set within the fictional village of Artairhan. The villagers once relished in the legend that human sacrifice was a [...]

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