This has been a busy year so far! Here’s a brief update of what I’ve been up to in the last few months…

Back in March I discovered the Glasgow Film Crew – a collection of enthusiastic filmmakers with skill sets in everything from writing, producing, filming, acting, sound, editing, music and directing. I was first welcomed onto one of their 48 Hour Film projects back in May, which I wrote about over on my blog page.

Since then, I’ve been attached to more of their projects:

The Last Equinox – an occult fantasy short film which is currently in post-production. A trailer was released recently and can be found on my Video page. It features an orchestrated version of ‘Siblings of Artairhan’ – the song written for the film by Ewan Manson. I’m currently producing the song which will be released along with the film.

Good to Be Back – a featurette drama which is currently in production.

Reflections of a Private Eye – a short film noir, the biggest production yet from the GFC. I’ll be working with fellow composer Giles Meredith on the score.

Away from the GFC, I’ve been busy on other projects too. Back in January I scored a community documentary on local boxer Damien Murray – it be found on my Video page. More recently I scored another documentary, this time about people from Belarus who have disabilities and describe how they cope with their daily lives. And I also wrote a track for the Baltic Film Society.

And, amongst all of that, I’ve been continuing work on a secret project which will be revealed sometime in the not-too-distant future… !