Hello everyone,

As we now approach mid-February, here’s a brief summary of what happened in 2016 and some exciting news on what’s lined up for this year.

Last year was one of my most busiest and successful yet. I worked on eight videos: a feature, a 48 Hour Film Project, a promo, 2 short features, and 3 comedy shorts. It was a great experience to work on such a variety of projects and a great learning curve too. The highlight for me personally, though, was working on the film The Last Equinox. I was blessed with having Ewan Manson’s Siblings of Artairhan to work into the score and use as the main theme, and established my own material including ‘Jillie’s Theme’ and, because the film provided plenty of scope for the score, I was able to develop the thematic material and build on those big themes (every composer’s dream!).

On Thursday 16th March, the Blueprint Festival is taking place as part of Glasgow Short Film Festival, and will showcase an exclusive screening of GFC (Glasgow Film Crew) produced films. Three of those films – The Last Equinox, The Turtle Terminator, and Last Request – are projects I worked on and will receive their premiere at the event. If you would like more information and to book tickets for the event, please go here: Glasgow Short Film Festival

I currently have a few scoring projects lined up over the coming months and hopefully will have some news on those soon.

Lastly, I’ll be working on a special project over the next month which will be announced very soon…   Chris.