Hi everyone,

I’ve been really busy over the last few months working on a variety of great projects.

Back in July I scored a documentary about Kazimiera Bieniawska – a female Polish soldier in the Emilia Plater 1st Independent Women’s Battalion during WWII. In what is a remarkable film, Kazimiera recalls some startling memories of her time in the battalion.

At the start of August I was delighted to be asked by film director/writer John McNee to score his entry for the My Annabelle Creation competition. The film features no dialogue with the narrative purely driven by sound and music, so was quite a challenging project!

I was then commissioned by the AFC to compose the signature tune for their Fitba Shorts series which now currently airs every weekend via their YouTube channel.

And lastly, I worked alongside filmmaker Aimie Willemse on her comedy short Goes Without Saying which will be doing the rounds at various festivals over the coming months.

Currently I’m finishing a score for a new and upcoming sci-fi film which will be completed later this year, and have a few other interesting projects lined up too.

More news to follow…