Last month I participated in the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project and what was initially a slightly stressful but joyous experience concluded with rather unexpected results!


I have been involved in four 48 Hour Film Projects before, three of which with Jo Osborne. So to continue the tradition, I once again teamed up with Jo and her talented team to tackle this year’s Glasgow 48HFP. The team met up on the Friday night of the official launch of the competition, and we did our usual brainstorming of ideas. Normally at this stage I just sit and keep quiet, usually with a blank mind with absolutely no ideas or really terrible ones not worth mentioning. But this time, something different happened…



Immediately there were some great ideas coming from other members of the team; ideas that would have made excellent films. As time passed, I was struggling to figure out what I could contribute, and kept thinking to myself “think outside the box”. So I focussed on the boundaries that had been set; the genre (War/Anti-war OR Slapstick), the character we had to include (Leith Abernathy – tailor), the prop (photo album), and the line of dialogue (“It’s good for you”).


Eventually I had this image of two tailors at war with each other, fighting over a customer who was standing between them, and then thought we could incorporate the other genre of slapstick into the equation to make it a funny ‘war film’. That was about as far as I got with the idea when eventually it was my turn to speak up, and when Jo (who was sat next to me) encouraged me to tell my idea, I did.

Straight away everyone seemed to really like it. I was surprised because I thought it was too basic, or bland even. So, after all the other ideas had been pitched, it was time for the vote. I had voted for two poignant ideas, thinking ahead about what kind of emotional score I could create for those stories. Jo then tallied up the votes and announced the winner: “Chris’ idea of the two tailors at war”. I was in shock for the rest of the night.

So after everyone started to expand on my bare bones idea and it began to take shape, we all went our separate ways to begin the process. It was a hard graft for the next couple of days for everyone involved, but I was really pleased with how the final product turned out. I attended the screening on the Wednesday night at the Glasgow Film Theatre and the audience reaction to our film was rather positive.



The awards ceremony followed on the Saturday evening, where it was announced we had won Best Sound Design for our film which was fantastic news, especially for Tom Hemblade our sound designer and Ludovic Barrier our sound recordist. I was more than happy we had received some recognition for the film and was content enough with that. However, it didn’t end there because the big bombshell was: our film, War of the Tailors, won the 1st Place spot for Best Film. I was beyond stunned by the result!

So for this film to have been born by a random idea from my mind to winning an award for best sound design and the overall #1 spot, is both incredible and surreal.

A big thanks is due to the entire team for such a wonderful job: Jo Osborne, John Perivolaris, Pete Stewart, Andrew Hazell, Tom Hemblade, Ludovic Barrier, Stuart Smith, Omiros Vazos and Graham Stevenson.


And in other news, the other 48 Hour Film I participated in simultaneously (yes – I am that crazy), Submersion, won an award too for Best Editing. Congratulations to both Camelia Cazan and Ian Hendry.