Piano Lessons will commence back on Monday 8th January 2018.

If you would like to book a lesson slot, please send an email to: or phone: 07976 742579

Lessons are charged at £12.00 per 30 minutes. Monthly block booking is available.

The Lessons

Chris offers friendly and relaxed piano lessons aimed towards beginners, intermediates, casual learners, and school pupils looking for extra tuition for their National 4 and 5 exams. Alongside the practical he also offers music theory tuition to help develop sight-reading skills and theoretical knowledge.

The lessons are tailored to ensure the pupil is engaged in their coursework, and provides a platform for them to learn and play for fun.

Lessons take place at his home studio located in Irvine and are 30 minutes in length, but an additional 30 minutes (1 hour in total) can be requested if required.

Chris is a member of the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme.

Lessons run weekly as of Monday 8th January.

To enquire about available slots, please email Chris at:


The Coursework

The course Chris exclusively teaches is the John W. Schaum series which has been around for many years and considered to be one of the best introductory piano courses around; it was this very course Chris studied to learn to play the piano! The course allows the pupil to naturally develop and progress from grade to grade without sudden jumps in difficulty, and gently introduces new musical elements over the course of each grade.

Alongside the practical, Chris also offers theory tuition which is necessary when learning to read musical notation. Not only does it help develop pupils’ understandings of the musical language, but it allows them to develop their sight-reading technique.

There are two theory tuition courses available: Monkey Puzzles which is intended as a child-friendly introduction to music theory specifically for piano; and the official ABRSM Music Theory in Practice which allows the student to expand their music theory knowledge to an advanced level.

About Chris

After been shown the inner-workings of the upright piano at school one day, Chris instantly became fascinated by the instrument; the way it looked, sounded and worked. So, at the tender age of 8 years old, he began his piano lessons which were soon to be the key to his career in music.

Chris continued with his piano studies until he finished secondary school, after which, he then began to focus on his higher eduction in Sound Production and Music Composition. During that time he utilised his piano skills by playing keys for a cabaret show band.

After graduating with a First in Music Composition, he once again used his piano skills as an accompanist for a choir.

Although he is now focused on his career as a composer, he still plays the piano on his own recordings, and occasionally – by special request – will play at live events.

He now wishes to pass on his knowledge and experience of learning the piano on to others, and decided to embark on his Piano Tuition service to do so.

Chris Belsey, Composer

Additional Information

In addition to piano and theory tuition, Chris also offers Composition & Orchestration, and Music Technology lessons. If you would like to enquire further about these additional lessons, please send an email to Chris at: