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Music by
Bazz Hutchinson

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The ShireTones are not a band; rather, they are an ever changing musical collective, brought together by Bazz Hutchinson to express his thoughts and life experiences through song.

Bazz has played in various bands from glam rock to punk to pop. However, privately, he has always written folk style country music because he felt that was befitting his baritone voice and it was a genre that best suited his desire to express his inner feelings.

Bazz and the ShireTones have a clear vision, to bring those who enjoy their music together to form a collective. He feels they should have an input rather than be passive observers and listeners. So join the ever growing circle of like minded lovers of this brand of folk country. Tune in, take part and chill out.

Songs Composed by
Bazz Hutchinson

Lead Vocals and Guitar: Bazz Hutchinson
Drums, Percussion and Vocals: Stuart MacKenzie
Banjo, Slide Guitar and Mandolin: Taylor Buntain
Saxophone and Vocals: Gerry O’Hagen
Lead Guitar and Vocals: Paul Sheffield
Featured and Backing Vocals: Sharon Munro, Tina Britton and Natasha Byrne
Piano: Jean Nicolson and Christopher Belsey
Guitar: David Belsey
String Arrangement: Christopher Belsey
Additional Brass, Woodwind and Percussion: Christopher Belsey

Album Engineered and Produced by
Jean Nicolson

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